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Inovadea SAS, created in 2012, focuses on working out and developing innovative solutions within the field of buildings energy efficiency. More specifically the GreenStick solution, based on micro sensors and algorithms are a new approach to measure consumption data from electrical breakers within switchboards.

GreenPriz SAS was created in 2011 and its solutions are aimed at eliminating unjustified electrical consumptions in tertiary buildings (such as consumptions at night or during days off). This solution combines modules that are, at the same time meters and actuators that could bring saving up to 40 plus %. Since commercialization began in 2015, more than 5.000 of such modules have been set up.

This year in 2020, the two companies have been merged under the Inovadea name and so, have created a new player in the field of monitoring and piloting energy consumption, for communities, restaurants, health structures, and more generally tertiary buildings.

Products and Services offers

Inovadea SAS offers a complete range of solutions (hard, soft and services) that allow to measure, follow, display and analyze energy and fluids consumptions (water, gas, electricity) as well at controlling and piloting electrical supply systems. Over and above its products, Inovadea SAS has developed Data+, an energy management web platform, thus proposing an integral solution to its customers and partners.

These offers represent the perfect toolbox for the setting of Energy actions Plan more particularly within the frame of ISO 50001 as well as the EC Directive 2012/27/UE or simply to address and comply with the French Tertiary decree.