Energy management
in A SaaS mode


Whatever solutions are installed (GreenPriz, GreenStick and GreenMega), view and analyze your consumption on data+ platform.


Data+ platform is a multi-sites solution, accessible from any desktop or mobile device and for an unlimited number of users.


In addition to view and track your consumption, Data+ allows you to analyze them by comparison, benchmark and correlation.


View and analyze your consumptions
on data+ platform

View the consumptions of your panels and electrical circuits

You can view the consumptions of all your sensors and create groups by use or zone thanks to the flexibility of personalizing your dashboard. According to the graphs, the data will be displayed by day, week, month, quarter, semester or year.

View the energy production of your facilities

You can control the self-production of your generators: photovoltaic installation, co-tri generation, hydroelectric installation, generator…

Multi-site display on the same platform

You can view all the data and analysis of your different buildings, factories and sites from the same interface.

Automatic reporting editions

The platform automatically generates customizable periodic reports, with graphs and analysis to inform your audit or diagnosis.

Benchmarks, comparisons, correlations

You will be able to analyze the sensors data:
– by comparing them on averages and thus identifying a trend,
– by comparing them to each other on the basis of time series,
– by putting them into perspective with data such as the outside temperature, the number of present people or the production activity.

Easy integration

If a monitoring solution is already installed, it is easy, via an API, to integrate our sensors data into this interface.

Effective Solutions – Fast ROI

Our solutions allow consumptions savings from 25% to 40% depending on the circuits equipped. Under these conditions, the ROI might be less than 1 year.

Easy installation, connectivity and updates

We connect our professional sensors directly to your electrical installation with minimal intervention to be carried out on the existing electrical grid. The gateway allows you to communicate with the web interface in several ways: ethernet cable, 4G via SIM card, Wi-Fi. Finally, you don’t have to worry about the platform’s scalability or updates. It is the solution itself that manages them.

Alarms and thresholds

This feature allows you to send notifications, text messages or emails to company officials when abnormal consumption or production is detected.